Halal Care Foundation India (HCFI) is a nonprofit trust mainly known for Halal Certification Body in India. HCFI recognized for charitable and community services. HCFI imparts education on halal food and human consumables in people according to sharia. HCFI do charity and community work.

HCFI is prominent Halal Certification body in India awarding Halal Certificate to Manufacturers, Industries, Slaughter houses, Restaurants, Hotels, Caterer, Processed Food, Dairy products, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, additives, ingredients, derivatives, cold storage, transportation, warehouse and other products used in human consumption. Further HFI carry research and development work to find out new ingredients, additives, derivatives, colure, flavor, preservatives, etc., in substitute of haram (forbidden) products.

The preference area in charity and community services are to impart education, develop self-employment, medical assistance, financial help,… to the Muslims and needy people irrespective of their cast, creed, religion or sex.

Halal Care Foundation India (HCFI) is well recognized in India, Gulf, Australia, Africa, Canada and America.

Halal certified products make easy to opt or consume halal products. A Muslim should care halal in his words and deeds.

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